Miracle Run

Miracle Run is our first project at Pandazor! It's a mobile runner where you act as a guardian angel for your character, clearing its way instead of moving it directly.
We've begun work early 2016, and shipped in April 2018. During that time, my role evolved a lot, and changed from "hey I need you to make nice pictures" to "yep you have my trust to make whatever we need".
And so I came to work on music, sound design, narration, artists management, animation, video, game design, development...  in short, most of the creative parts were left to me.
In brief, I was in charge of the creative vision for the game and have shaped very much of its experience.

You can find the result of our work here :
Android : https://tinyurl.com/y9cthdb8
iOS : https://tinyurl.com/yb6m4tvs

We already had some pretty good pieces by our hired composer, but new parts of the game were coming up, feedbacks took time, and I wanted to try making music in my free(er) time. In the end, we were satisfied with the results in terms of quality, intentions and speed, and adopted this way of doing things.

 Pretty much the same story we had with music, but this time we weren't happy with our sound designer. So I decided early on that I'd do it myself, which cut time and costs drastically while ensuring that the intentions weren't lost in translation.

Early on, my associate asked me to make the best possible trailer out of our means.
Our means not being so grand, it took me time to figure out the way to make it, and finding the right person to assist me.
In the end, I did the preproduction, Gaëlle produced the rendered images, and I animated it all in Spine and After Effects.

Not my favourite thing to do, but still something that I want to get right.
For me, this means fewer and better UI.
I didn't develop much compared to the real dev (and CEO, blessed be his name). But as he's chronically flooded with work, I sometimes help how I can.
My biggest work is the bossfight, which was a welcome addition to the base game. I'm not fluent in any scripting language, but understand the logic pretty well, and will do nearly as good as a dev if I'm provided a graphic interface. Here, I'm using Playmaker (with a few custom actions), and I am very happy with it.
(the thing you're probably there for)